Workshop to improve Air Traffic Management in line with EU standards

A workshop on "EU Air Traffic Management (ATM) / Air Navigation Service (ANS) Regulatory framework and the role of National Supervisory Authority" was held on October 23, 2013 at the Central Aviation Authority. This workshop was organized in the framework of the EU-funded project that NTU is implementing, dedicated to reform of the aviation sector and to the implementation of the agreement on Common Aviation Area (CAA). The aim of the workshop was to prepare the Civil Aviation Administration of the Republic of Moldova and the Moldavian Air Traffic Services Authority (MOLDATSA), to EU Regulations related to ATM and ANS which will have to be implemented in the Republic of Moldova in accordance with the agreement on CAA. The second part of the Workshop was dedicated to the roles and responsibilities of National Supervisory Authority (NSA). The Common Aviation Area Agreement between the European Union and its Member States and the Republic of Moldova was signed in 2012. This agreement implies enhanced flights security and quality for the sector but also additional opportunities for launching direct roundtrip flights between EU member-states and Moldova.