Successful Completion of the EU funded project, TA to the Transport Sector in Montenegro

NTU has successfully implemented a 1,2 Million EURO project funded by the European Union, which consisted of 1240 working days and has delivered 50 technical reports within a period of 18 months. The Technical Assistance was implemented in order to comply with the EU in the field of Transport in Montenegro, which will open new prospects for the country within this sector, through more harmonized procedures and legislations. On 25 October 2011 in Podgorica, representatives of the MoTMA, the EU Delegation and management of NTU gathered to publicly announce the successful completion of the project. In the words of Mr Zoran Radonijic, Secretary to the Ministry of Transport, the technical assistance has been a milestone for policy in the transport sector in Montenegro. The view was shared by other participants who considered that the past year has seen progress in the areas of transportation and highway, railway, maritime and air transport, as confirmed by the EC Progress report. Although further steps are still to be taken the pace is now set, and as the Head of the Operations in the EU Delegation in Montenegro, Nicola Bertolini, declared "the EU will help Montenegro to adopt the remaining legislation, welcoming the efforts of the MoTMA to improve the quality of transport services and stimulate economic growth through more efficient transportation." Since April 2010, NTU successfully supported the MoTMA, the newly established Traffic Directorate, Railway Directorate and Civil Aviation Authority as well as the Railway Infrastructure Company. In the light of the project, the Civil Aviation in Montenegro has upgraded skills and safety procedures that will assure best practices in conformity with ICAO and EU standards, allowing for the expansion of air transport services. Additionally, support to the Railway Directorate will result in better planning for railway improvements and new opportunities for private participation and investment in the railways. The Traffic Directorate has now stronger tools that will facilitate road maintenance planning, analysis of the safety of each road, planning for road improvement. Furthermore, we have been helping the Project Implementation Unit within the Railway Infrastructure Company become established and in training and coaching their new staff for effective project implementation. These among others are some of the benefits that NTU has provided through the project. NTU also supported the drafting of legislation for the MoTMA, assisting the harmonization of road, rail and air transport legislation with that of the EU. This is reflected in a new law for railway and new air-transport law as well as in the preparation of safety regulations on aspects of road and vehicle standards. Through these legislative changes, NTU has paved the way for Montenegro to take further steps towards the progression of EU membership. NTU has therefore proudly completed this technical assistance which provides a better scope for competition and private sector participation in the transport sector, with benefits to the economy of Montenegro. For more information please visit below links: