NTU wins Mid-term evaluation of projects under the EU, Assistance to Conflict Affected People Programme in Sri Lanka

The global objective of this project is to evaluate the performance of the projects under the EU-ACAP Programme to date, to identify key-lessons learned and to propose recommendations to be implemented within the EU funded actions. Specifically, NTU will: evaluate the relevance of the objectives of the projects under the EU-ACAP Programme in line with the requirements of the beneficiaries and the needs of the target populations/ the region(s) evaluate the present status of progress against the indicators of the projects including efficiency and effectiveness of the projects' management evaluate the level of coordination and communication both between the project partners, stakeholders and the EU Delegation, among activities fuded by other donors and partners during the implementation phases of the projects under the EU-ACAP Programme review the efficiency and preliminary indicators of effectiveness, impact and sustainability of the projects with respect to their respective objective, including; their capacity to reach out and the impact on the target groups taking into account the engagement and involvement of key stakeholders (i.e. relevant departments, Local Authorities, CBOs etc.) evaluate the relevance and sstability of the project interventions with regards to the local ownership of the projects assess to what extend cross cutting issues such as gender equality, environmental sustainability, inclusion of persons with disabilities, good governance and conflict mitigation have been reflected in the design, implementation and results of the projects under the EU-ACAP Programme assess to what extend Liking Relief Rehabilitation and Development (LRRD) has been incorporated in the design and implementation of the projects assess the Lessons learned in view of the projects under the EU-ACAP Programme; other lessons might be drawn from the evaluation in relation to, quality, management and leadership, transparency as well as establishment of the best structure for supervision and monitoring services provide recommendations to be incorporated by the ongoing projects under the EU-ACAP Programme (in the remaining implementation period), including those in view of the continuation of future EU suppport programmes assess the projects' strategies and activities in the area of visibility, information and communication, together with the results obtained and impact achieved vis a vis the beneficiaries, stakeholders