NTU wins Lot 2 - Transport and Infrastructures

NTU wins Lot2- Transport and Infrastructures- Multiple Framework contract EuropeAid/127054/C/SER/Multi. The contract is concluded for a period of 2 years until 2011 with the possibility of extension for an additional two years. Lot 2 services have a yearly budget of €21 mio. For the past 4 years NTU has already successfully built a track record implementing framework contracts under the previous FWC Lot 2. Sub-sectors of the Lot 2: 1. Roads and engineering structures 2. Railways 3. Harbours and Inland water infrastructures 4. Airports and Air Traffic 5. Inter-modal infrastructures 6. Transport safety 7. Buildings 8. Water supply and sanitation networks 9. Solid waste disposal and treatment installations 10. Engineering and construction conflicts/disputes resolution NTU is searching for the applicants, who should have at least 10 years of relevant experience, including three years experience as a consultant also who has been working on the EU funded projects. If you are interested please send your CV to the following e-mail: lot2@ntu.eu Please see more information under Framework Contracts on our website.