NTU wins FED project

The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is as follows:is to analyse to what extent the results attained by the implementation of the 1st EF CfP are in line with the general and specific objectives defined in the Action Fiche. More specifically, the purpose of the evaluation is to draw key lessons in order to improve the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and impact of: · The implementation of the 1st CfP and the commencing implementation of the 2nd CfP by the DEVCO HQs. · The decision making process involving the EU Delegations, the European Commission and ACP Secretariat for the Energy Sector Policies, Programmes and Financing Instruments. · The continued follow up of the implementation of the EF projects portfolio by the EU Delegations. The evaluation should cover the operational aspects of the 1st CfP implementation, as well as the programming and management aspects. It will also encompass the effective integration, in the 1st CfP implementation, of the recommendations and conclusions made during the 2007 'Mid–Term Evaluation'.