NTU wins EuropeAid Technical Assistance to Government of Lesotho

Technical Assistance to Macro economy, Statistics and Public finance management of Lesotho The overarching objective of the project is to assist GoL (Government of Lesotho) in maximising its global resource envelope. To achieve this goal our experts will: - Draw lessons learnt from past joint reviews of BS, to review the PAF in preparing for the phase II of the Budget Support Programme, in particular to reconfirm the availability and meaningfulness of indicators on Human Development and Social Protection or propose new appropriate indicators if need be. Since the PAF for phase II is as the one from phase I to be jointly used in general budget support programmes of all partners, intensive consultation with those partners, namely WB and AfDB, is necessary. - Work with MFDP (Ministry of Finance and Development Planning), other Ministries and the EU, to develop a draft Financing Proposal for phase II of the budget support programme under the 10th EDF.