NTU wins EuropeAid project Study for the Identification and Formulation of the 10th EDF Enhancing the Competitiveness Program in Cameroon

The study has as objectives to identify and articulate support of the European Union to improve the competitiveness of the economy of Cameroon and in particular: establishing priorities and sequences of proposed actions, consistent with the strategy of the country's competitiveness, provide a roadmap and a device specific operational implementation of selected measures, assess the cost of shares proposed for the support of the EU budget and the subsequent implications for the state budget; ensure coordination with the support of other technical and financial partners. Furthermore it has as specific objectives to identify and formulate the methodology developed by the EU, to support the EU through the implementation of the national strategy for economic competitiveness in Cameroon, in line with the initiatives and programs mentioned above, especially in following areas: Improving business competitiveness Promotion and development of priority sectors for growth Improve the business climate. Support is also needed for the operationalization (feasibility studies) in other aspects of the national competitiveness strategy that needs to be brought to the project.