NTU wins EuropeAid project Study for Innovative Flagship Projects Programme

The study will provide decision makers in the ACP Secretariat and the EC with input for a coherent proposal to support innovative flagship projects in ACP countries. It will give sufficient background information and justifications to enable the EC and ACP Secretariat to make an informed decision on future cooperation (EuropeAid /127054/C/SER/multi). This study should provide a clear overview and specific criteria to classify "innovative flagship projects" aiming inter alia at developing new business models, including innovation in technologies, products and/or services to a larger group of potential customers. In particular, the study will focus on how innovative business models might be created with regard to: - The opportunity to address the needs of large groups of potential customers who are shut out of a market entirely because existing solutions are too expensive or complicated for them. This includes the opportunity to democratize products in emerging markets by adapting them to local needs and capacity (or reach the bottom of the pyramid); - The opportunity to leverage a brand-new technology, wrapping the right business model around it or the opportunity to leverage a tested technology in a whole new market.