NTU wins EuropeAid project Final Evaluation Cleaner Production Revolving Fund EU-China Liaoning Integrated Environmental Programme

The overall objective of the assignment is to evaluate the use of the Cleaner Production Revolving Fund of the LIEP and provide recommendations to the EU Delegation on the final destination of the fund. The specific objectives of the assignment are: - To evaluate the use of the CPRF; - To evaluate the performance of all entities directly involved in connection with the CPRF; - To evaluate the impact that the CPRF has had or expected to have on its final beneficiaries; - To recommend on the future use of the fund. NTU will provide the following services: - Review of background material and preparation of a tentative mission plan which shall be agreed by the Liaoning Cleaner Production Centre and endorsed by EC Delegation before arriving in Beijing. - Interviews and discussions with relevant counterparts and stakeholders including but not limited to the Ministry of Commerce, the Liaoning Environmental Protection Bureau, Liaoning Cleaner Production Center, the commercial banks, and CPRF loan recipients. - Field visits to the CPRF loan projects to assess the effectiveness of the loans; - Investigation on the management of the revolving fund, including but not limited to selection procedures, disbursement and repayment of the funds. - Assessment of the demand of and access to the revolving fund in Liaoning. - Assessment of the monitoring instrument and current monitoring practices. - Assessment of risk management and control processes. - Debriefings at the EU Delegation and the Ministry of Commerce on the preliminary findings after the meetings and field visits. - An evaluation report incorporating the comments from the EC Delegation and in line with the objectives and specifications.