NTU wins EU funded project Strengthening social dialogue for development cooperation and implementation of inclusive national employment policies

The overall objective of the assignment is to strengthen social dialogue in developing countries in line with the Mid Term Review of the Investing in People thematic programme (2007-2013). Specifically, NTU will: · Design and implement a feasibility study aimed at analysing ways to strengthen social dialogue in developing countries. · Conduct a stocktaking/mapping exercise to identify and assess projects aiming at supporting social dialogue that are being funded by EC development cooperation. · Organise a one-day seminar in Brussels. The purpose of the seminar is to discuss the draft final report of the feasibility study and to facilitate the sharing of experiences between participants. The results and recommendations from the feasibility study together with the conclusions of the discussion from the seminar will serve as a basis for the design of new actions of the 2013 Annual Action Programme.