NTU wins EU funded project in Tanzania Road Transport Sector Policy Support Programme Formulation and Preparation Phase II

The overall objective of this assignment is to support the Government of Tanzania in formulation of the second phase of the EU funded Road Transport SPSP in line with priorities specified in the TSIP and with a view to facilitating the move from project specific funding towards a Sector Wide Approach (SWAp) for development assistance to the transport sector. Specifically, NTU will prepare the two Action Fiches with supporting documents that would provide for a sound design and smooth approval of two project proposals identified as most relevant for EU support under the RTSPSP II: 1. a SBS programme (ca €45-50 m) focusing on the road sector with a particular emphasis on road maintenance and effectively promoting the dialogue on maintenance related strategy and policy with a view to ensuring full coverage of the maintenance needs, and 2. a programme targeting improvements of rural roads (ca €17-22 m) in selected regions of Tanzania. Both these programmes will be accompanied by a technical assistance component, built in the programme, aiming at capacity building within sector institutions responsible for planning and management of maintenance activities on all road networks as well as development of rural roads.