NTU wins EU funded project in Mauritania Technical Assistance to the Directorate General of Land Transport

The overall objective is to support the successful implementation of a project of support to land transport reform, in the implementation of the Work Programme. Specifically, NTU will: · ensure continuous monitoring of the implementation of the actions of this WP and under the direction of manager of the WP (Director General of Land Transport) and the accountant; · support the monitoring of the implementation of actions in the DP No. 2 and the drafting of quarterly reports; · participate in the design of a capacity building strategy for the human resources of DGLT. This strategy should identify the existing dynamic potential and propose ways for its development, highlight the priority training topics and make a realistic target for future beneficiaries, and clarify the physical framework necessary to achieve the desired capacity; · Ensure the system of information dissemination (regarding the activities related to its mission) in internal and external to the DGTT so that it remains easily accessible afterwards.