NTU wins EU-funded project in Mauritania Preparation of the tender dossier for the works on section 01 of the road Nouakchott and Rosso

The global objective of this contract is the preparation of the tender dossier in accordance with the models of the 10th EDF Practical Guide Contractual Procedures within the framework of the EU’s external actions, for the award of works to rehabilitate the section 01 (Nouakchott – Bombri) of the Road Nouakchott-Rosso. Specifically, NTU will: - Make a technical proposal in line with the following three criteria, in order of importance: a) Technical b) Practical c) Economic - Will determine the amount and type of tests for updating the study of careers carried out by the National Laboratory of Public Works (NLPW) in 2008 - Will determine the morphology of the road (cross-type), based on the availability and nature of clusters identified in the study of NLPW. - Will assure the issue of a realistic tender dossier - Will analyze and study the strength parameters of the existing road and its stage of degradation through valid technical means.