NTU wins EU funded project Assessment of EU Aid Delivery Options for the Lao Northern Uplands Development Programme

The overall objective of the project is to assist the EU Delegation to Lao PDR in strategically allocating its funds under the first non focal area of its CSP. The specific objectives of this assignment are as follows: 1. The aid modality (SPSP under Direct Centralised Management or Indirect Central Management) to be used for the allocation of the second tranche of the current NUDP (EUR 4 Mil.), first non focal area under the MIP 2007-2010. If Indirect Central Management is recommended, the delegate body shall be identified and the choice documented and duly justified. 2. The identification of the aid modality/ies that could be adopted for the allocation under the first non-focal area of MIP 2011-2013 (EUR 5-7 Mil.). 3. How to orientate this focal area in the next Country Strategy Paper (2014-2020).