NTU wins 4 year contract Road Sector project in Malawi

Starting from January 2012 and for the next 48 months with a budget of 3,2 mio EUR, NTU will be managing the institutional reform of the road transport sector in Malawi for the EU. The project aims at strengthening the management structures in the sector, building competences in the Ministry of Transport, the Roads Authority, the Road Fund, the Central Materials Laboratory and other key institutions in the sector (EuropeAid/130306/D/SER/MW). Furthermore, NTU will work to promote road traffic safety and the participation of investments by the private sector in road projects funded by the European Development Fund in Malawi. Our actions contribute to the Government of Malawi’s and the EU’s overall objective of reducing transport costs and fighting poverty through improved transport infrastructure and market access for Malawian agricultural and industrial producers. Among the main components of the project are: · An effective capacity transfer to the Ministry of Transport for managing strategic investment programmes · The set-up of a performance monitoring & evaluation system for use by the Ministry of Transport’s Department of Policy and Planning · A successful implementation of the Sector Policy Support Programme for the road sector · Established and enforced road traffic and safety rules · The implementation of a comprehensive Strategic Environmental Assessment study.