NTU wins 3 year contract TA Support to the Zambian Aviation Sector

Starting from January 2012 and for the next 36 months with a budget of 1.7 mio EURO, NTU will be managing the civil aviation sector project in Zambia for the EU. NTU has been selected in competition with eight qualified consulting firms in Europe in connection to improve and develop the Zambia's aviation sector with respect to safety and security. The project involves training of the aviation authority staff, updating of legal regulatory systems and technical support for the procurement of the necessary safety and communication equipment(EuropeAid/130580/D/SER/ZM). The European Commission has on 14 July 2009 blacklisted and banned all Zambian registered airlines from flying to Europe with regard to safety concerns and has advised citizens of Zambia not to use the airlines. The EU has also identified and noted the safety and regulatory shortcomings of the Civil Aviation Authority in Zambia, which was the result of ICAO’s (International Civil Aviation) 2009 audit of Zambian Civil Aviation. This project will address the issues above mentioned. The purpose of this contract is to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Civil Aviation regulator in Zambia and to help ensure a safe and secure aviation environment through: good governance; implementation of international civil aviation standards and, where appropriate, harmonisation with EU standards; cooperation with European aviation authorities/agencies and relevant stakeholders; and policy support. As a result of the actions undertaken the following will be obtained: 1) The legal, institutional and organisation framework of the Zambian aviation sector is upgraded; 2) A comprehensive training programme for the main sector stakeholders and relevant visibility and communication activities are developed and implemented; 3) The safety, security and economic oversight capacity of Zambia is enhanced; 4) Efficient support to the Contracting Authority in purchasing relevant dedicated equipment to the main sector stakeholders. NTU Senior Project Manager, Emina Kapetanovic, explains that NTU has in the past decade worked hard to acquire the necessary competences to provide services related to the aviation sector in development and EU accession countries. NTU has gained recent experiences from the EU funded projects in Montenegro, Turkey, Indonesia, Jordan and Togo. "We are pleased that NTU is assigned as the consultant for the Zambian Government on such a strategically important project that will significantly contribute to supporting the promotion of tourism and the diversification of the economy. We have worked previously in Zambia on road transport projects and are very pleased to have the opportunity to develop our cooperation further." For more information about the project, please contact Mrs Emina Kapetanovic at ehk@ntu.euor by phone at +4599300000.