NTU to hold the BESTUFS national seminar for Denmark

NTU has played an active role in the BESTUFS (Best Urban Freight Solutions) project, which aims to identify, describe and disseminate best practices, success criteria and bottlenecks with respect to City Logistics Solutions (CLS). NTU’s work has included the development of the BESTUFS Good Practice Guide, and as part of their continuing participation, a national urban freight best practice seminar for Denmark is now being planned. The role of these national seminars is to present the BESTUFS project, to create a network of interested parties in the national and local context and to disseminate information on good practice, whilst placing a focus on small- and medium-sized cities. The seminar is due to take place in Aalborg in January 2008, and will consist of presentations on issues of good practice in city logistics, as well as a tour of a well-established logistics centre, developed by NTU. For further information on this please contact Michael Laugesen on msl@ntu.eu. The participation in BESTUFS is yet another part of NTU’s successful and ongoing work in urban freight and transport planning, which has spanned the last two decades and covered around ten projects. This has included projects such as: City distribution in Copenhagen, integrating transport centres and new cooperation between the actors; Efficiency of Urban Goods Transport, a three-year research project concerning the efficiency of urban goods transport in Denmark; Environmental Optimisation of Transport in the Building Industry, elucidating the improvement potential for the optimisation of transport within the building/construction sector and drawing up possibilities for transport methods within the sector to be less polluting; FV2000, a project to enhance the attractiveness of intermodal transport; REFORM (Research on Freight Platforms and Freight Organisation), developing user-orientated simulation tools for use in transport centres; SURFF (Sustainable Urban and Regional Freight Flows), developing telematics solutions to improve the accessibility of information systems within transport centres and support freight flows in inner urban areas; COST 321, analysing the design and operation of innovative measures to improve the environmental performance of freight transport in urban areas; UGFFM I + II(User Group on Freight and Fleet Management), consolidating information on freight and fleet management.