NTU started a 3 years EU project, TA for the Implementation of Legal and Regulatory Framework in the Aviation Sector of Moldova

NTU leads the consortium which will be implementing this challenging project for the next 36 months with Chisinau as its operational base. On the 11th of February 2013 in Chisinau, representatives of the Moldovan Government, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Moldova and management of NTU gathered to publicly announce the start of the project. The overall objective of the project is to improve air transport safety and security by assisting civil aviation authorities of the Republic of Moldova in adoption and implementation of the legal and regulatory framework for the aviation sector according to the terms agreed in the EU – Moldova Common Aviation Area (EU-MD CAA) Agreement. The main results that NTU is going to achieve are the following: · Draft, discuss and accept the national legal and regulatory framework governing civil aviation, aligned with the EU Directives and Regulations as specified in the EU-MD CAA agreement · Provision of advice and support to the Moldovan civil aviation authorities during the enforcement phase of the new adopted regulatory framework · Identification of the Institutional strengthening and capacity building needs and provide support and adequate training to the Moldovan civil aviation authorities during the implementation period · Provision of professional advice for the monitoring and implementation structures established to implement the EU-MD CAA agreement The overall budget of the project is 1 849 000 EUR. For further details, please contact NTU’s Project Manager Emina Kapetanovic at ehk@ntu.eu.