NTU as the lead of the consortium has been short-listed for the "Technical Assistance to the programme "Renewable energy and energy efficiency programme in Jordan"" project (EuropeAid/134-941/C/SER/JO)

The overall objective of the project is to facilitate the implementation of strategies enabling Jordan to reach the medium and long term goals for the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency, with a special focus on the building sector, considered by the Government as vital for the sustainable economic growth of the country. NTU's tasks will be the following: • To support the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR), National Energy Research Centre (NERC) as an implementation agency, Electricity Regulatory Commission ERC and the National Research and Development Centre under the Higher Council for Science and Technology, in establishing detailed plans of actions and implementing a set of policy instruments which will encourage energy consumers and enterprises to improve the efficiency of energy use and invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency in all sectors of Jordan's economy. • To provide the National Energy research Centre (NERC) with related technical assistance, to enable it to monitor wind and solar investments, and carry out demonstration projects and related activities in the field of bio-energy. • Assist the Ministry of Public Works and Housing MOPWH to develop and implement a regulation and code for the energy performance of buildings, which is well understood and accepted by all professionals. • Demonstrate the feasibility of renewable energy and energy efficiency technical solutions in buildings as well as different sectors, on the basis of real cases of projects, and support the related development of industrial activities. This will include support to MEMR to design, launch and evaluate a call for proposals, as well as to monitor the resulting pilot projects. • Support the Government of Jordan in achieving the agreed indicators under the sector budget support component of this support programme.