NTU shortlisted for the Technical Assistance for Weight and Dimension Controls of Commercial Vehicles in Turkey

The objective of this project is to increase road and traffic safety in Turkey, decrease environmental pollution and improve the physical conditions of roads while diminishing the cost of road maintenance. The purpose of this contract is to provide technical assistance services and training in order to achieve an effective implementation of the stations to be set up according to EC Directives 96/53 and 2002/7 on the control of weight and dimension of trucks. The following results are expected to be achieved at the end of technical assistance: • Upgraded Institutional Capacity of the Ministry of Transport, efficiency improved and increased. • Awareness campaigns carried out, thus changing attitude and behaviour of the road users and stakeholders. • Improved coordination among ministries and relevant competent authorities. • Preventive measures implemented, reducing negative effects caused by overloaded vehicles on road safety, environment and the country’s economics.