NTU has been shortlisted for the EIB-funded project: "Feasibility Study for the Rehabilitation and Extension of Port Victoria, Seychelles". TA2014021 SC IF3

Port Victoria is the main port of the Seychelles and the only port that can handle the import and export of goods for the country. Main segments of traffic include containers, fishing activities (tuna, in particular), petroleum products and passenger transport. The existing quay is in need of urgent repair work, and the port is facing congestion due to the high demand for the limited berthing space available. The Seychelles Port Authority wishes to rehabilitate and expand the port facilities. The services required are the identification of the optimal scope and timing of the proposed investments, a detailed feasibility study, preliminary design and environmental and social impact assessment and procurement strategy. The team will be composed of a Team Leader, with experience in the design / construction / appraisal of large transport infrastructure projects; a specialist in port infrastructure; an institutional and legal expert; a specialist in environmental studies and a port economist. 700.000 EUR