NTU shortlisted for EIB funded project Integrated Transport Master Plan for Namibia

The overall objective of the Transport Master Plan is to lay the foundation for the development of safe, secure, effective transport infrastructure services which are responsive to the socio-economic needs of Namibians and others in the region (compare NDP III). It is essential that this Master Plan supports achieving the goals of Vision 2030 and the National Development Plans. It shall contribute to the planning of an integrated multimodal transport system which is essential to reduce transport costs, foster trade, and national as well as regional integration. It shall thereby enhance multi-modal accessibility and linkage to and between rural areas, major economic centres, industry, tourist and recreational destinations inNamibia . While the master plan shall focus on Namibia’s infrastructure priorities, by their nature andNamibia 's position, all such investments will have regional and international functions. The master plan shall thus contribute to the development of a transport system that facilitates trade within the SADC region and the integration of Namibia into the global economy, including institutional and administrative barriers such as cross boarder formalities and standards for weights and measures.