NTU has been shortlisted for the AfDB funded project: "Training Needs Assessment and Development of Human Resource Development Program for the Transport Sector" PROC- TA-TSDP/MTRB-PMT/2014/1.1-001

The main objective of the assignment is to conduct a Training Need Assessment (TNA) and develop Human Resource Development programme (HRDP) that define a strategy to create critical mass of professionals in the transport sector to roll out sustainably the huge development of the transport infrastructure and services. The project is divided in the following components: The purpose of the study is to provide GRSS with a sound planning framework and a strategy for the development of human resources in the transport sector. The focus of the Consultant shall therefore be the development of a Human Resource Strategy and Program (HRDP) with short, medium and long term implementation time frame that support and conforms to the new country’s transport goals and objectives, responds to the transport demand for conveyance of persons and goods, respects environmental concerns, and supports economic growth. The resulting Human Resource Strategy and Program (HRDP) and its implementation plan shall be developed based on a comprehensive human resources needs assessment of in the transport sector in the short, medium and long-term perspectives.