NTU is shortlisted for the Technical Assistance Support to the Zambian Aviation Sector project

The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is as follows: "To promote regional integration and equitable economical growth in Zambia through the development of the aviation sector". (EuropeAid/130580/D/SER/ZM). The purpose of the project is as follows: "To improve Zambia's compliance capability with international aviation standard in aviation safety, security and economic oversight". The purpose of this contract is as follows: "to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Civil Aviation regulator in Zambia and to help ensure a safe and secure aviation environment through: good governance; implementation of international civil aviation standards and, where appropriate, harmonisation with EU standards; cooperation with European aviation authorities/agencies and relevant stakeholders; and policy support." As a result of the actions undertaken the following will be obtained: 1) The legal, institutional and organisation framework of the Zambian aviation sector is upgraded; 2) A comprehensive training programme for the main sector stakeholders and relevant visibility and communication activities are developed and implemented; 3) The safety, security and economic oversight capacity of Zambia is enhanced; 4) Efficient support to the Contracting Authority in purchasing relevant dedicated equipment to the main sector stakeholders.