NTU is shortlisted for the EuropeAid project TRACECA Regional Transport project, Logistics Processes and Motorways of the Sea II, Regional ENPI East

This project has been conceived as the follow-up of three previous TRACECA EU Funded Projects, namely: · Motorways of the Sea (MoS) for Black Sea and Caspian Sea · International Logistical Centres for Western NIS and Caucasus · International Logistical Centres for Central Asia However, in addition to continuing the actions set-up under the prior programme, a number of new activities will be added. Furthermore, the proposed project shall also have an enlarged focus on hinterland connections and the links between ports and logistical centres. The basic idea behind this is the establishment of efficient and integrated intermodal transport chains underpinned by Motorways of the Sea integrated multimodal links, fostering trade relations between the countries involved and promoting the concept of integrated logistics chain. The purposes of this contract are as follows: · Overcoming logistical bottlenecks with the objective to enhance trade between the EU and beneficiary countries. Special attention should be given to bottlenecks hampering the flow of goods between ports and the hinterland, and specifically from ports to logistical centres. · Facilitating an efficient flow of goods between both sides of the Black and the Caspian Seas, ensuring good interoperability from the ports to the hinterland through logistic platforms, maritime transport connections to the ports of the Caspian Seas or between the ports of the Black Seas themselves. · Adapting the regulatory framework determining port, maritime and logistical operations with a specific focus on sector reforms and implementation of environmental management systems in ports.