NTU is shortlisted for the EuropeAid funded project in Tanzania

NTU is short-listed for the EuropeAid funded project "Technical and Managerial Capacity Building of Regional and Local Authorities (PMO-RALG and LGAs) in the Morogoro, Iringa and Ruvuma Regions in the framework of the programme "Improvement of Rural Road in Tanzania"" The Overall Objectives of the project of which this contract will be part are to support the Government of Tanzania efforts to reduce poverty through implementation of the National Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy (MKUKUTA II) and to achieve progress towards the Millennium Development Goals by improving living conditions of the population in rural areas of the country due to providing all-year access to rural and economically productive areas. The purpose of this Consultancy is to provide a solid foundation for a sustainable development of the capacity of government officials and non-state actors in the rural road sector, involving national education and training institutes. Additionally, the assignment will contribute to increasing the quality of monitoring & evaluation of sector performance and a reliable integrated approach towards road safety on rural roads. More in detail, the specific objectives are to strengthen the capacity of: a) the IDU for coordinating and supporting LGAs to adopt the operational guidelines for rehabilitation/upgrading and maintenance of Rural Roads in Iringa, Morogoro and Ruvuma regions; b) the Regional Secretariat Engineers on monitoring and evaluation of quality and standards of road networks under their competence and proper planning of related activities; c) the District Engineers and Technicians in managing implementation and execution of road works including all routine, spot and periodic maintenance of the rural road network by using current techniques and appropriate guidelines; d) the local contractors' managerial capacity to bid for works and technical ability in adopting Labor Base Technologies (LBT) and Low Volume Sealed Road methodologies (LVSR); e) the local consultancies technical skills to make quality detailed design and proper supervision of the construction works.