NTU as a partner in a consortium has been shortlisted for the project: "Enhancing Tax Collection from Mining through Effective Regulation and Monitoring of Mineral Production in Zambia", EuropeAid/134991/D/SER/ZM

The General objective of the project is to enhence the economic governance in Zambia through improved public financial management, strengthened accountability processes and increased management for results. The purpose of project is to strengthen the ability of the Ministry of Mines; Energy & Water Development (MMEWD) to fulfil its mandate as mining authority to monitor effectively mining activities and mineral production in Zambia, and to share this information with other relevant GRZ agencies to contribute to increased domestic revenue mobilisation. Expected results include: · Capacity of MMEWD to monitor mineral production and related activities throughout the mining cycle from exploration to mining and processing enhanced. · An appropriate information management system for mineral production data in place. · Systems and structures to collect and share mineral production related information with other GRZ agencies and the private sector improved. · MMEWD organisational, policy, planning and budgeting capacity enhanced to become the backbone of effective monitoring and control of the mining sector. Contract value: 2 800 000 EUR