NTU is short-listed for the EuroMed Regional Transport project, EuroMed Road, Rail and Urban Transport project

The overall objective of the regional transport cooperation in the Mediterranean is focused on improving transport efficiency and effectiveness which would lead to economic and financial benefits for everybody. At the same time transport should become more sustainable. This does not only mean that the environmental impact needs to be reduced, it also means that transport operations in all sectors need to be safer which would concretely lead to less and less severe transport accidents and casualties. As such the programme should support the partner countries with the implementation of the relevant actions of the RTAP (EuropeAid/130784/C/SER/MULTI). While the in 2007 adopted Regional Transport Action Plan (RTAP) focuses on all transport modes, this project targets only the terrestrial transport modes: road, rail and urban transport. The coordination with the overall implementation of the RTAP is assured by the EuroMed Transport Forum and more specifically by its sub-group on Road and Rail Regulatory Issues which will overview the implementation of this project. In addition, the link with the other transport modes and their regional dimension is assured by the development of the so-called Trans Mediterranean Transport Network (TMT). This project has as main objective the further development of a level-playing-field as regards market and technical operational conditions to facilitate cross-border road and rail haulage on this TMT-network and at the same time to make this transport more sustainable.