NTU is short-listed for the EIB financed project Management Advisor to the National Company for Strategic Infrastructure Project in Bulgaria

On December 2010, the Bulgarian Authorities have announced the creation of a specialized Project Delivery Agency or National Company for Strategic Infrastructure Projects (NCSIP) to manage the implementation of Struma motorway, Hemus motorway, and Black Sea motorway projects. The creation of this government-owned company for the construction of new works is a classical step to improve effectiveness and efficiency in the management of the road sector. NTU will provide long term day-to-day Management Advice to the top management of NCSIP to ensure efficient, economic and effective operation of the Company, supporting the Company to fulfil its obligations as Employer on Technical Assistance contracts and works contracts. NTU will provide Strategic advice, Business and Project Management advice, Liaison and relationships with other institutions (Bulgarian and foreign)