NTU is short listed for Support to the Reform of the Egyptian Transport Sector

"Support to the Reform of the Egyptian Transport Sector" EuropeAid/129110/SER/C/EG The overarching objective of this TA is to provide support to the Ministry of Transport of the Arab Republic of Egypt in its endeavor to reform the Transport sector including all modes of transport (except for Civil Aviation) as well as cross-cutting issues. The purpose of this technical assistance is to support the Ministry of Transport in creating conditions for providing a good quality transport focused on its economic, social, technological and environmental impacts within the framework of the principles of sustainable development. Results to be achieved by NTU: Design and implement a detailed plan to support the Ministry of Transport in the field of investment promotion in the transport sector through improved framework for private sector participation including pre-feasibility studies for projects. Plan and implement trainings based on the assessment of training needs to support the Ministry of Transport in implementing its wide reform agenda. This task also includes advisory services to be delivered to the ministry of Transport on institutional and legislatives reforms related to the restructuring of authorities/institutions working under the umbrella of the Ministry. Design and support the implementation of plans to improve access to reliable and affordable passenger and freight transport services through applying the "user pay principle" and in enhancing MoT's budgetary and monitoring capacities. Support Egypt in its policy aiming at the creation of a Euro-Mediterranean Transport System within the Mediterranean Transport Infrastructure Network including the provision of support to the implementation of its own integrated national multimodal freight transport system. Support the Ministry of Transport initiative to leverage the level of technology utilization by implementing a detailed study to determine a high-level strategy for the information technology, starting from defining the IT vision and mission.