NTU is awarded EU funded project "Technical Assistance to Analyse the Options for the Exit Strategy of SELP II" in Turkey.

The project will start with a kick-off meeting in Turkey on the 18th of March 2013 and the whole duration of the project is 10 months. NTU will analyse the benefits and disadvantages of each Small Enterprises Loan Programme II (SELP II) exit option, clarify the alternatives and develop a clear proposal (including a Roadmap) which will offer the best possible modality ensuring active involvement of the Undersecretariat of Treasury and also be in line with Turkish Legislation. NTU consultants will carry out the respective studies for each exit option (option 1 - specialised investment fund; option 2 - guarantee facility; option 3 - Small Enterprises Loan Programme (SELP III); option 4 - shifting Funds to TKB or other possible alternative public institution) in order to determine: a) Legal requirements (taking into consideration the applicability of each option in Turkey); b) Financial modeling, market and investor analysis for each option; c) Impact assessment of each option which should include analysis according to the: · contribution to the economic development, particularly regional development · creating a sustainable refinancing mechanism for the small enterprises (SEs), · leveraging additional capital including mobilisation of the private funds for the · financing of the SEs, · capacity building in the participating banks, · promotion of the job creation in Turkey. d) Sustainability of the proposed options; e) SWOT analysis of each option; f) Road map for the implementation of each option; g) Turkish Development Bank’s capacity and possible role in implementing each option; h) Identification and roles of alternative public institutions experienced in SME financing or implementing SME related projects for the successful implementation of the exit strategies.