NTU is awarded EU funded project in Azerbaijan Support to the State Agency for Control over Safety in Construction

The overall objective of the Twinning project is to enhance the convergence of economic legislation and administrative practices by virtue of strengthening of the institutions responsible for the control over safety in construction. Specifically, NTU will: 1) Draft a Twinning Project Fiche based on the standard model, outlining the objectives of the Twinning, activities to be implemented, and results to be achieved. 2) Organise two round table discussions: in order to present the first draft of the Twinning project components, expected results and planned activities to the key stakeholders – representatives of the Beneficiary Administration, project managers from PAO/ITTSO II and EUD -and answer queries and obtain feedback; and in order to present and discuss the Draft Twinning Fiche updated on the basis of comments received from the main stakeholders and obtain additional feedback. 3) Provide a one day workshop on Twinning for the future Twinning Beneficiary to answer any questions about the Twinning instrument, how it operates, and the responsibilities and commitments of the Beneficiary under Twinning.