NTU host workshop on the development of Ultra Light Electric Vehicles

The meeting was part of the EU project AMBER-ULV and took place in Copenhagen on February 12th and 13th 2014. During the two day meeting the project partners discussed the tendencies in the electric vehicle market, the technical setup, structural design and safety aspects in relation to the AMBER vehicle. NTU experts provided an update on the activities related to the Amber-ULV business models for commercial and private use, the communication of the project findings and the content management system of the AMBER-ULV homepage. Via the homepage www.amberulv.eu all partners will have access to both public and internal project materials. Distribution of the upcoming responsibilities and deadlines was made, so the three working groups (structural design, technical setup and safety) can be on track with the timetable of the AMBER-ULV project, especially with the dates on which the prototype vehicle will be crash tested according to EURO NCAP criteria.