NTU has won the Framework Contract IP A STOA FWC 2008-096 lot 2 Transport

STOA is a body of the European Parliament which provides the Members (MEPs) and bodies of the European Parliament with high-quality, independent assessments of scientific and technical issues of relevance to the Parliament in its role as legislator. Lot 2 covers a.o. the following areas of activity: ? Energy efficiency of sea vessels and aviation; ? Road safety, environment safety and technologies ensuring passenger safety; ? Sustainable transport logistics coupled with general logistics and urban mobility, e.g. education aimed at energy saving; ? New technologies and generation of propulsion systems: drivetrains, aerodynamics, fuel efficiency, lightweight materials, regenerative braking and CO2 emission trading; ? Technical design, e.g. triangle car windows reducing need for air-conditioning or double-skinned roofs in cars to insulate against heat/cold; ? Competition rules and state aids in relation to the promotion of technological innovation in transport.