NTU has successfully completed the EDF funded project "Technical Assistance Support to the Zambian Aviation Sector"

NTU would like to gladly inform that the project Technical Assistance Support to the Zambian Aviation Sector, started in January 2012, has successfully completed activities in October 2015. The main purpose of the project was to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Civil Aviation regulator in Zambia and to help ensure a safe and secure aviation environment through: good governance, implementation of international civil aviation standards and recommendations and where appropriate, harmonization with EU standards, cooperation with European aviation authorities/ agencies and relevant stakeholders, and policy support. Some of the expected outlined results included: The upgrading of the legal, institutional and organizational framework of the Zambian aviation sector; Development and implementation of a comprehensive training program for the main sector stakeholders and relevant visibility and communication activities; Enhancement of the safety, security and economic oversight capacity of Zambia; Efficient support to the Contracting Authority in purchasing relevant dedicated equipment for the main sector stakeholders. NTU project team has successfully carried out all related activities in the four Components of the project. A new Civil Aviation Authority is in place alongside the submitted draft Aviation Bill and Subsidiary Legislation. Drafting first Operational Program Estimates (PE) following EDF format and training budgets have been proposed and accepted. The aviation authority in Zambia has been supported through their improvement of the Effective Implementation of the safety and security oversight for aviation. NTU would like to thank all the concerned, in the CAA, NAO, EU Delegation and other stakeholders for the constructive cooperation in the activities of the project. The enthusiasm shown in joint activities, discussions and training continues to be appreciated and it was necessary for the success of the overall project implementation.