NTU has been short-listed for the World Bank financed project "Transport Sector Strategic Development Plan", reference no. MCTTD/CF/K-B11

The objective of the Transport Sector Review and Strategic Development Plan is to provide the Government with information, analysis and options for reform of the transport sector that will enable aviation, land transport, and maritime sub-sectors to operate efficiently and effectively, so as to meet the mobility needs of the people of Kiribati. Particular factors to be considered include: Baseline assessment of the institutional, financial, legal and administrative framework and the current state of capital assess in all transport subsectors; Comparison of current and future needs (including an assessment of current and future demand) with available resources and geographic constraints; Undertake community consultations to assess people’s transport requirements and expectations; Develop proposals in each key sub-sector for sustainability and viability of the sector; and, Actions which could be implemented in the short-, medium-, and long term, including cost estimates.