NTU has been short-listed for the EuropeAid/132178/C/SER/BF Technical Audit project in Burkina Faso

NTU has been short-listed for the EuropeAid project "EDF — regular technical audits of works contracts and of the supervision of the strengthening of the RN1 main road between Sakoinsé and Boromo — Cu2a" in Burkina Faso Audit technique régulier des marchés de travaux et de la surveillance et contrôle des travaux de renforcement de la route nationale N°1 entre Sakoinsé et Boromo - CU2a The services to be provided under this project will be technical assistance, throughout implementation of the works and overseeing and inspection of these works, responsible for the technical audit to assess in particular: — smooth running of execution of the works and associated overseeing activities, in accordance with the rules of ethics, — good organisation of works sites, — technical quality of work performed, in accordance with the technical specifications and good practice, — full justification for payments made, and ensuring that they are covered by the budget, — sound contract management, ensuring in particular that each party is fulfilling its contractual obligations correctly, with the aim, amongst other things, of preventing risks of complaints, disputes and/or claims, — implementation of the project in compliance with the allocated budget and deadlines set. The technical audit services will involve several one-off assignments for auditing throughout the start-up phase of the works, during their performance and prior to provisional and final acceptance.