NTU has been short-listed for the EU funded project in the Republic of Moldova: "Support to the DCFTA process"

The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is to support the implementation of the DCFTA. The purposes of this contract are To provide additional specialised capacity to the sector units involved in the DCFTA To ensure that Moldova fulfils all its commitments under the DCFTA. The results to be achieved through this project are: The project will supply quality research and policy advice to each of the groups of officials involved in implementing the DCFTA. The project will draft regulations, harmonise Moldovan legal texts, present the involved European directives, assess Moldovan equivalents and propose how Moldova should adapt and implement them. The project will promote the changes within line Ministries and influence the Government, Parliament etc indirectly. The project will influence civil society & business through publicity and presentations.