NTU has been short-listed for SKI Framework Contract 17.04

NTU has once again successfully been short-listed for a framework contract for National Procurement Ltd. Denmark (Statens og Kommunernes IndkĂžbs Service - SKI). The current shortlist covers consulting services within the field of Ports and Marine Structures - SKI contract 17.04. By using SKI's framework, public clients are given a number of benefits, including the ability to hand over the tendering procedure of their needed consultancy services to SKI. This ensures that clients on the basis of framework agreements with SKI can procure goods and services as needed without having to put them out for EU tenders. At the same time the agreement ensure a fair and competitive price of consultant services, through agreements that NTU as selected adviser has made with SKI. For additional information please contact: Michael Stie Laugesen, Phone, +45 99 30 00 30, Email: msl@ntu.eu