NTU has been awarded the EU funded project "Assistance to the EUD for Turkey's Western Border Surveillance Actions", in Turkey.

The purpose of the project, with first field mission starting on the 3rd of December 2014, is to assist the EU Delegation in its efforts to support Turkey in achieving an integrated border management system in line with EU standards. The project purposes are twofold: 1 - To deliver assistance for the EUD’s verification of the needed scope as defined in the related IPA documents. 2 - To deliver assistance for the EUD's ex-ante approval during the tendering process. The team of NTU will participate and report on their observations on the suitability of the proposed surveillance system as well as its potential operational and technical implications followed by their recommendations for the EUD. This encompasses the review and evaluation of the updated detailed study to be drafted by the beneficiary. The experts will assist in the complete procedures of tendering for the particular technical aspects in their respective fields of expertise.