NTU has been awarded EU funded project "Technical Audit of the Rehabilitation of the Great East Road (T4)" in Zambia

The purpose of the road rehabilitation project, that this technical audit contract relates to, is to contribute to the objectives of ROADSIP II through the establishment of a safe and sustainable national public core road network with improved traffic conditions and road safety, lower operating costs and time savings on the Great East road (T4) in Zambia. The purpose of this contract is to provide a factual report including findings, with regard to the organisational, technical, contractual and financial aspects and the results achieved during the implementation of the EU package of the Rehabilitation of the Great East Road project. NTU shall provide to the Contracting Authority (EUD), the Project Supervisor (RDA), the NAO, the EIB and the AFD recommendations to remedy errors that could have occurred or which can lead to improvements in implementation and results of the project. NTU will assess whether the project is being implemented in conformity with the applicable regulations, conditions and specifications in particular with regard to the technical aspects. NTU will provide a factual report with regard to the following aspects of the project's Implementation: - the steady execution of the works carried out under the projects, together with the associated supervision, - the sound organisation of the works, - the quality of the works carried out, in conformity with the works contracts' Technical Specifications and in accordance with the best practice in the sector, - the project expenditures are justified and were foreseen in the project budget, - the sound management of the project, to ensure that each party duly meets its contractual obligations and to mitigate the risk of claims, litigation and/or disputes, - the project is implemented within budget allocation and completed within the contractual period of performance.