NTU has been awarded EU funded project in Tanzania Final Evaluation on the rehabilitation of Mandela Road

This study will provide the Government of Tanzania and the European Commission with sufficient information, as to the outcome of the project, its impact, its contribution to the overall objective as contained in the Financing Agreement and the performance in terms of project purpose and results. The main objectives of the present evaluation are: · to assess the relevance, impact, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the project " Mandela Road Rehabilitation ". · to identify the key lessons learned, · to what extent this project has contributed to the partner government implementation of its sector strategy, and the Transport Strategic Investment Plan (TSIP). This evaluation will serve to understand lesson learnt, identify strength and weakness of the design of the project, formulate way forward for future similar projects and to close the Financing Agreement. Specifically, NTU will: 1. Assess the project’s achievements as compared to the set objective and expected results 2. Identify which activities in the programme should be explicitly addressed in the future similar programmes. 3. Identify those activities which were not coherent and need revision for future similar programmes. 4. Identify new activities which should be looked into in the future similar programmes. 5. Identify how clear the responsibilities and the respective capacities in the involved institutions were. This review should evaluate the effectiveness of the set agreed implementation protocols and give recommendation for future similar projects. 6. Analyse the participation of foreign/local contractors if any and consultants and recommend how this could be improved in the future projects. Furthermore, NTU will assess the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness of implementation and its related activities giving particular attention to the impact and sustainability criteria.