NTU has been awarded an EuropeAid project "Final evaluation of MEDSTAT III regional programme"

NTU has been awarded an EUROPEAID project "Final evaluation of MEDSTAT III regional programme - Statistical cooperation in the Mediterranean region – Phase 3 (ENPI South)" The MEDSTAT III regional programme promotes evidence-based decision-making and fosters democratic development by improving the availability and use of statistical data in the ENPI South countries (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia and Libya). The main objectives of the Final evaluation MEDSTAT III programme are: • to provide an overall independent assessment of the European Union's financed Programme MEDSTAT III, on its implementation by the consortium led by ADETEF as well as its overall performance; • to identify key lessons and recommendations in order to inform and improve the current and future European Union's strategies on planning and programming MEDSTAT future activities. In order to successfully complete the final evaluation the Evaluation Team of NTU will perform the following four tasks: • Assessment of the design of the programme • Assessment of the implementation of the programme • Evaluation of thematic activities • Recommendations for future actions