NTU has been awarded an EUROPEAID project "Evaluation of the Support to the Action Plan Programme (SAPP l)"

The final evaluation, which has been foreseen in the Technical and Administrative Provisions of the project's Financing Agreement, will provide the decision-makers in the government of Jordan, the relevant external cooperation services of the European Union and the wider public with sufficient information to: · make an overall objective and independent assessment about the past performance of the project, paying attention particularly to the impact of the project actions against its objectives · identify key lessons and to propose practical recommendation for the follow up actions NTU will verify, analyse and assess in detail the issues outlined in "Layout, structure of the Final Report". The issues refer to the five evaluation criteria endorsed by the OECD-DAC (relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and impact), and to the EC-specific evaluation criteria (EC added value and coherence). NTU will verify, analyse and assess the integration and impact of cross-cutting issue in the project and will review all relevant factors and will bring these to the attention of the Government and European Commission.