NTU has been short-listed for the EuropeAid funded project: "Horizontal Support to Coordination with International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and bilateral donors in the Western Balkans" - EuropeAid/134120/C/SER/MULTI

NTU has been awarded the Multiple Framework contract to recruit short-term services in the exclusive interest of third countries benefiting from EU external aid.Lot 11: Macro economy, Statistics and Public finance management

The objective of this project is to contribute to the socio-economic development of the Western Balkans through improved and enhanced coordination of investment policies and support programmes between the IFIs, bilateral donors and the Commission. More specifically, this project aims to: - Improve the coordination of policy and strategy approaches to socio-economic development across the different WBIF stakeholders, contributing to stimulating growth and the EU accession process. - Enhance the functioning of the WBIF throughout the entire project cycle from project identification to realisation of the investments supported by this innovative financing facility. - Improve the communication and information flows among all WBIF stakeholders – Beneficiaries, EC, IFIs and bilateral donors and greater public awareness of the assistance being provided by the WBIF financiers.