NTU contributing to excellence in urban goods transport

As a part of NTU’s two decades of ongoing work in the field of urban transport planning, a Good Practice Guide for the area of Urban Goods Transport has been developed. As well as the original English language version, NTU has also created a Danish translation of the guide. This guide is part of a project funded by the European Commission (DG Transport and Energy). The project analyses City Logistics Solutions (CLS), as well as disseminating knowledge on this to small and medium sized cities, which are often comparatively isolated in the European perspective. Through making European experiences of urban freight transport, this allows particularly these small and medium sized urban areas to benefit from the experiences of other European cities, and therefore allows CLS to be more widely implemented. To obtain a hard copy in the Danish language, or to obtain further information on the project, send an email to Michael Laugesen at msl@ntu.eu. Within the email please include your name, organisation and contact details. Electronic copies in English are also available on request.