NTU completes studies on Motorways of the Sea and Hinterland integration

NTU has since January 2008 worked as coordinator of the StratMoS project, which main goal is to strengthen both the primary and secondary hubs and the logistics facilities by analysing possibilities, constraints and challenges for inland transport operators and associated facilities in form of Transport and Logistics Centres, Dry Ports, transport infrastructure, etc. in order to stimulate Motorways of the Sea development. The work has included the making of 5 comprehensive reports focusing on the following topics: • How North Sea ports can be effectively integrated into European logistical networks and how port cooperation and port complementarities can improve the flow of door-to-door transport as per the Motorways of the Sea concept. • The development of a Motorways of the Sea integrated Dry Port concept. • The lessons which can be learned from industrial clusters and which ideas that shows potential to stimulate and strengthen Motorways of the Sea activities • How comparison of the information sharing techniques could benefit the development of the cooperation and enhancement of the ports operation. • Overview of the interaction between the StratMoS project and the North Sea Motorways of the Sea Task Force, overview of pending policy issues on Motorways of the Sea. The project will be fully finalised by September 2011.