NTU co-hosts EIB conference on maritime cooperation

On September 29 NTU will co-host a high-level meeting at the IMO’s facilities in London, bringing together representatives of the major donors and stakeholder institutions in the area of maritime cooperation for the Mediterranean. The meeting is part of NTU’s ongoing feasibility study on the promotion and dissemination of multi-sectoral best practice for the promotion of "blue growth". The study is funded by the FEMIP (Facility for Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnership) and managed by the EIB with participation by the EC, the IMO, the European Maritime Safety Agency and the Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Centre for the Mediterranean Sea. More information about the scope of NTU’s study and the maritime cooperation initiatives can be found at http://www.imo.org/MediaCentre/PressBriefings/Pages/14-EC-EIB-IMO-Med.aspx