NTU carried out a Workshop for the Moldovan Civil Aviation Authority staff in the field of Airworthiness.

In line with the Technical Assistance Project for the implementation of a legal and regulatory framework in the aviation sector according to the Agreement on Common Aviation Area between the EU and Moldova, NTU deployed a team of two specialists in Aviation Safety (Airworthiness) for a two weeks mission to Moldova to address the findings of an audit that was conducted by ICAO under the ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme. The main goal of the mission has been to provide assistance to Airworthiness personnel of Moldovan CAA and support the implementation of the EU aviation rules and regulations. The mission was much welcomed as an upcoming ICAO audit mission is planned for the Moldovan authorities. An important part of this mission has been the carrying out of a Workshop for CAA airworthiness personnel. This workshop led by NTU’s experts was held on January 30th, 2014, and was divided into two parts for two separate groups: 1.Importation of the aircraft to Moldovan Aircraft Registry: procedures and requirements 2.Part 145 & Part M, CAMO organizations: maintenance and continuing management organizations fulfilling requirements of the Commission Regulation EC no.2042/2003. Furthermore, the mission provided assistance on different types of documents (procedures, manuals and regulations) which are to be incorporated into the Airworthiness Inspector Handbook of Moldovan CAA.