NTU awarded Evaluation project in the Nuclear Power Sector under the FWC Commission 2011

The global objective of this assignment is to assess the results of the IfS Priority 1 activities from 2010. NTU’s services will consist therefore of evaluation and recommendations, nuclear and CBRN materials, instrument for stabiliy, strategic and operational approach, results assessment, bio-safety and bio-security and nevertheless non-proliferation of WMD. The specific objectives are to evaluate the operations funded by EU under IfS, Priority 1, from January 2010 to date against the following parameters: Relevance of the project in the given context; Quality of the project design and beneficiary coverage; Efficiency of the project implementation in terms of expected results; Effectiveness of the project in addressing the objectives; Impact and sustainability of the projects as a whole and against selected indicators; Coherence and synergies of the projects against the activities funded by other donors in the relevant area; EU visibility promoted by the operations. It is essential thus to also evaluate strong as well as weak points of the EU strategic and operational approach applied in the relevant area, also recommendations for a future strategic and operational approach in view of achieving overall sustainable results.